Do not concern too much about Enhanced/Unified campaign

News Source 1(mediapost/How Kenshoo Migrates Search Campaigns To Yahoo Japan)
News Source2(Kenshoo:Press Release)
# I decided to write this post in English, maybe translate Japanese soon.
Finally, we(Kenshoo) announced supporting Unified Campaign of Yahoo! Japan. And you may realized some quotes from me in press release. It is really strange for me to see my name in media in other country though.
Anyway, maybe you already know about Enhanced/Unified campaigns, if you don’t know much about it, please go to SEM-Cafe to learn about it.
From my perspective, this innovation(I should say evolution…) is kind of Jedi in Star Wars. I would like to say there are both good side and dark side in this evolution. I will not explain that dark side, and even though it is “dark side”, it is not evil. Even though Mr. Darth Vader was in dark side, he has been back to light side!
Oops, even though I’m writing in this blog in English, my joke is strongly sharp and makes you laugh.
Actually, I think, after Enhanced/Unified Campaigns, one “core” technology will have strong influence and currently nobody is providing it effectively. That technology may change ecosystem itself, but it should take more than 2 years that technology will be required for marketers/advertisers. And once that technology is available to all marketers, there are no dark side any more. Thank you Yoda!
# I believe few advertisers are already started it.
# But it must not be majority…
Anyway, as one of a hard-core search marketer, we have to recognize this innovation is not just changing of paid search platform, this is kind of evolution for digital marketing itself.
Here in Japan, as you may know, mobile SEM has longer history than other country. As long as I know, searchteria has started mobile SEM at 2004, and Overture and Google Japan launched mobile SEM platform at 2005, following searchteria. At that time, mobile SEM in Japan was really isolated and unique. Background technology was different from PC, and each network operator has each uniqueness, marketer needed to bid different keyword for each network operator. You can easily imagine this situation itself was “Galapagos”.
# Handset itself is “Galapagos”
# Everybody calls “ガラケー”
# So mobile SEM is also “Galapagos”
But now, smartphone and tablet is rapidly spreading out. 50% or more users are using smartphone. This is actually big evolution. As you know, background technology of smartphone is relatively similar to PC than Galapagos-style-handset, and DMP, DSP and other technology enable marketers and advertisers to reach PC and mobile consumer simultaneously. Why does SEM need to remain separate platform?
From that perspective, naming of Y!J is more reasonable to me. “Unified” is more reasonable than “Enhanced”. And after Enhanced/Unified campaign, Listing-Guys(リス男) in Japan will own higher value than now. From international perspective, there are very few people who have experience to manage/optimize PC and Mobile campaign at the same time. But in Japan, there are so many Listing Guys have such experience, because mobile SEM has started from Japan and we have knowledge, experience, and insight. You should say big “thank you” to searchteria people, especially Nakahashi-san, the founder of searchteria.
I would like to encourage Japanese Listing-Guys to work around globally with his/her mobile experience and knowledge. It is a time for you guys to spread your wings to the world!
So if you are enthusiast for SEM, you must use Kenshoo as your main platform for your campaign. We understand uniqeness of mobile SEM.We can support your business and your career. And I would like to support you guys to have more global experiences.